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Brief excerpts from two novels currently in their final editing passes, which I will begin marketing heavily in early 2019.


Humorous Dark Fantasy Fiction

In a world where assassins are an everyday part of political life, gifted miscreants are sent to specialized academies to hone their skills from a young age. But when a new king with a fondness for not dying seizes control, a campaign of extermination begins against their venerable profession.

History's greatest assassin, exiled 15 years for the murder of his partner which he swears he did not commit, is given a second chance at life, provided he will take on his toughest quest yet.

Become principal of a school full of murderous teenagers, and teach them how to survive the coming days. 



Modern Fantasy

Padraig is many things. Unstable. An alcoholic. A barely employable private detective. And a demi-human who can pass beyond the veil in to the lands of the fae at will, a power the benevolent Seelie court pays him handsomely to use in mapping the connections between their worlds. 

When his fiance's mental health takes an unnaturally swift turn for the worse, he seeks answers in the old tales of fae-touched individuals losing their minds, seemingly out of nowhere. His investigations uncover a sinister and ancient evil stirring once more in the dark places of the fae realms, whose plans involve both him, and everyone he loves.

Hunted by agents of the Unseelie queen, Padraig must determine, and quickly, how to banish her back to the void, before she can merge their worlds and bring both sides of the veil under her sadistic rule for all time. 

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